Glancing icy eyes, and bright

Hugging the horizon with a blink

When the stars light up

Here comes the night

And every sky corner leaves the pink

To come up with a dark light.

Drinking wine from my glass cup

I want to tell a story if I might.

All began with a trembling pyre

So alive it had a world inside

And that world was ours!

You can stare at your life ride

As you were part of a nice story

Just like a romance written in the fire 

and nothing more than burning glory.

Who looked for it was a kind of god

The god shivered cause he thought

He could bring life and death

But the fire burned everything

The God himself and all the living

The whole nature obliterated

And then again came back to breath

I was watching the fire

Which ate humans and gods

You can call me Master of Being

But my name is creative skill

Born and raised from a fire ring

Now free to dominate the will

And tell stories

About births, death and other stories

About me and the illusion of men:

about men and the illusion of me,

which as soon as I create a world

I just vanish in a dot.

Luca Severi


Sagittario, nato nel 1984. Laureato in Filosofia, nutro una grande passione per la scrittura, il running e l’arte del cazzeggio. Adoratore della senape.
Per il Grafema Magazine scrivo articoli di cultura, racconti e recensioni.
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